California Highway Patrol Dispatch Radio Console System Replacement Project
InterTalk Critical Information Systems

» Scope of Project

InterTalk has been awarded a project from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) for the design and implementation of a statewide radio dispatch console system, with 29 total sites to be installed over a five-year period, totaling 250+ dispatch console positions. This highly complex system features many unique, customized features such as an integrated receiver voting / transmitter steering system and workload-sharing algorithms to enable individual sites to process traffic from other geographic locations across the State.

Currently, the CHP has a mix of non-InterTalk radio dispatch consoles installed in 29 independent and/or isolated communications centres throughout the state. These consoles were installed as part of three separate procurements from as early as 1994. Most of the equipment has been performing long past the projected life expectancy and needs replacement to maintain a high level of service for public safety.

The main objective of this project is to replace the existing dispatch radio equipment as expeditiously as possible to both reduce / minimize risk associated with equipment life expectancy failure, and to simultaneously follow fiscally responsible procurement protocol.

» Execution

CHP is seeking the next generation of technology solutions for a dispatch radio Console System with custom enhanced design features. The initial purchase will be comprised of two individual Console Systems (three locations). Following the Compliance Testing period of the initial two systems, additional individual systems shall be purchased and installed throughout the State. The new Console Systems will eventually network to each other to meet current and future operational and technical needs of the CHP. The Radio Dispatch Console Systems shall be configured to load-share, which will enable alternate CHP communications centers to absorb the full functional control of other communications centers. The control functions shall be designed with a rules-based system in mind to ensure voting and steering control along with overlapping feature functionality.

The CHP project will involve the majority of the InterTalk team through the life of the project, with members of the Engineering, Software Development and Programming, Manufacturing, Embedded Devices, Networking, Project 25 (digital radio technology) Specialists, and Testing/QA teams all touching this deployment.

» Project Highlights

To earn the right to deploy InterTalk’s system with CHP, the development of a significant number of new features and functionalities for the core console system was required – 1,300+ customized features in all. One of the most significant changes from the previous system(s) to ours is that the InterTalk Radio Dispatch Console System provides a networked environment that enables the various locations across the State to share their workloads during times of heavy call/communications volumes. Resources from one location can be viewed and controlled from another location, resulting in a much more reliable and flexible dispatch console system that will provide years and years of reliable service to the CHP and the citizens of California.

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